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Improvement of environmental sustainability

Improvement of environmental sustainability

The excessive exploitation of the rural environment by arable and livestock farming and forestry is a major problem, whereby the balance between productivity, sustainability and preservation of health for both environmental workers and the public in general has significant political, economic and environmental ramifications.

Two fundamental lines of action have been considered for the project framework as the starting point for improving sustainability:

  • Prevention and action in forest fires and restoration of affected areas.
  • Environmental sustainability linked to the agro-food chain.

This area considers two fundamental lines of action which are the prevention and action in forest fires and environmental sustainability linked to the agro-food chain.

Fire is probably the greatest threat to the rural environment, in terms of environmental sustainability in Spain in general and the Andalusian community in particular. It brings with it a series of dangers, including loss of control, causing fires that can affect human lives, infrastructures and the environment.

The fight against fires is dealt with broadly in this area of the project, specifically in the development of techniques to predict the spread of fire, treatments and techniques to recover burnt ground and lastly, valorisation of forestry areas for a more reasonable use.

On the other hand, new equipment, systems and processes will be developed to reduce the environmental impact generated by the agricultural activity, such as emissions of toxic gases from some types of crops and the use of pesticides, soil and water pollution caused by the use of plant protection products or techniques for the controlled release of nutrients and protective agents against pests and crop diseases.

Lines of work

Within this area of new technologies two main lines of work have been defined which will be complemented by development activities under the charge of technologically-based companies and potential users of new technologies. The following table shows these lines and the CSIC institutions participating in improving the sustainability of the rural environment.


Nuevas estrategias de prevención y actuación en incendios forestales y para la recuperación de entornos afectados

New prevention and action strategies in forest fires and the restoration of affected environments


Sostenibilidad ambiental asociada a la cadena agroalimentaria

Environmental sustainability linked to the agro-food chain