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Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of Seville


The research activity developed at the IRNAS falls within the Areas of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources, differentiating between the following basic lines: dynamics of agro-chemicals and contaminants in the ground-plant-atmosphere system, microbiology in the environment and its wealth, plant biotechnology, eco-physiology of crops and use of water in agriculture, biochemistry, forestry systems and global change.

In recent years, the IRNAS has increased its interaction with companies from the agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors.

Almost all of the research carried out at the IRNAS since it was established in 1952 has been closely linked to the agricultural and environmental issues at the heart of the RECUPERA 2020 project. In fact, the IRNAS has a number of consolidated and prestigious research groups for the development of:

  1. Techniques to reduce the negative environmental impact of farming practices, which are included in the ground-plant-atmosphere system.
  2. Plant biotechnology techniques aimed at obtaining more productive plant varieties better adapted to environmental stress.
  3. Strategies for a more reasonable use of the ground and water in farming to obtain greater productivity at the same time as reducing the impact of farming practices.

In recent years, the IRNAS has increased its interaction with companies from agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors, as can be observed from the growing number of contracts with companies. This has meant that the majority of its researchers have experience in the development of applied research and the transfer of knowledge acquired from involved sectors. This is especially applicable to IRNAS researchers participating in the RECUPERA 2020 project, providing them all with a great deal of contacts for research and transfer with agricultural associations, cooperatives and companies.